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Historical Perspective of the Israelies, Palestinian conflict within the Gaza Strip and West Bank

p The history between Israel and Palestine can be considered to have such enormous background that many scholars and historians had engaged in several studies with regards to the conflict and quarrel among these nations which began long ago and still unresolved up to now . Many can argue that the conflict between Israel and Palestine has steadily decreased compared before but tensions are still alive due to a lot of indifferences about their respective claims on the land and territorial disputes . Recognition of each other is also a critical issue especially for

the Palestinian government that does not recognize Israel as an independent state . In depth study about the circumstances between these nations should begin with its historical background . This will enable a more understanding about the questions that might appear as the study between Israel and Palestine continue to unfold

Pre World War 1 : Palestine and the Ottoman Empire

It was on the year 1516 when the Turkish Empire conquered the land of Palestine and was subjected to a governor and taxes for the empire Various rebellions took place in defiance with the rule of the Turks but did flourished . In the year 1700 's , France took a chance to capture the whole Palestine land but also failed eventually . The Egyptian army on the other hand , took the Palestinian territory in the year 1831 but the people revolted against the Egyptian rule and were subjected again under the rule of the Ottoman Empire . Palestine then became influential in the...

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