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How Did The Hippie Movement Affect The United States Economy

The Hippie Movement was a complex , multi-dimensional sociocultural phenomenon that produced a lasting impact on different spheres of American life . This essay will focus specifically on the influence this movement had on the United States economy

Strangely enough , from the economic perspective , the most dramatic change associated with the Hippie Movement was sexual revolution . It caused the redefinition of gender roles , and women ceased to limit themselves to homemaking

`The `traditional family ' where women stayed home and took care of the kids was clashing up against the reality of more women

entering the workforce and going to college (Li , 1999 , para .8

Women wanted to be perceived as fully-fledged members of society and joined the workforce actively . Before the sexual revolution , women , who were breadwinners , had been few and far between . Yet the situation changed quickly in the 1960s and subsequent decades . While feminism was also on the rise , many women started to view career as one of their life priorities , thus challenging the traditional gender norms

`Appearing just as the women 's movement took off , the hippie counterculture also challenged conventional ideas of appropriate gender roles (Rosen , 2001 ,


Women massive joining workforce contributed to economic growth and development . Another typical feature of the Hippie Movement is that it lured teenagers and youth into running away from home and living an independent life

`[Young Hippies] .left their families and did it for many different reasons . Some rejected their parents ' ideas , some just wanted to get away , and others simply were outcasts , who could only fit in with the Hippie population (Huber , Lemieux Hollis , n /d , para .1

While many younger Hippies were reluctant to enter paid employment , they eventually had to get some job . Therefore , many younger citizens have joined the workforce . Additionally , this development had more far-reaching implications . The Hippie Movement established a new tradition for early teenage aspiration for independence , financial independence from parents included . Middle class youth started to join workforce much early as compared to the generations who lived in the first decades of the previous century

While these two features influenced the U .S . economy in a positive way Hippie values and Hippie lifestyle were contrary to the notions of gainful employment and productivity . Many Hippies were unemployed or occupied low-paid positions some of them vagabond life Hippie culture was anti-establishment in its essence , while hard work and industriousness were perceived as conformist values , from which Hippies wanted to be liberated . Hippies often lived bohemian life getting money occasionally and from different sources

A good example of Hippie lifestyle is the story of Merry Pranksters . In 1964 Ken Kesey had an interesting idea how to promote his new book Sometimes a Great Notion . He and his friends , later labeled as the Merry Pranksters , drove from San Francisco to New York in a psychedelic painted bus . It was named Furthur - a combination of the word further ' and future ' For several generations after Kesey living in a bus became a symbol of freedom , and...

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