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The High Cost of Higher Education

The cost of college continues to rise . Most students cannot study college without taking out loans . Statistics show that the cost of college education has grown by 54 since 1994 (Papadomichelaki and Vance , 363 ) The seemingly insurmountable cost of higher education has forced most students to take out loans that they pay for even after graduation . Nowadays , higher education means higher salaries . Higher education has become all about what pays the rent

The continuously rising costs of education have changed the frame of mind of students pursuing a college degree . More importantly

, the costs of education nowadays have changed the way that society , in general views higher education . It used to be that students take on a degree or follow a career path on the basis of what they are interested in Students with a passion for the arts take up an art-related field while students who are passionate about literature pursue a degree in literature . However , today , most students pursue a degree that they believe will make them earn more . Primarily , the cost of education is the reason why the goals of college education have changed . In to enter and finish college , most students have to take out loans , loans that they end up paying even years after they finish college . As such students are forced to take into consideration what job they will end up having with the degree they finish . They are forced to consider how much such job will pay them since they will have to pay off their debts the incurred to finish college . Add to such debt the daily expenses they will have . A degree they are passionate about is no longer enough Students need a degree that will suffice their daily needs as well as allow them to pay off their debts

The cost of education has led the members of society to reconsider the true goals of education . Idealism and the pursuit of higher learning and knowledge have taken a step back . Today , paying off debts created by the 23 ,000 a year that college costs has shifted the goals of education to more practical terms . This sense of pragmatism has led students to take up courses that lead to higher paying jobs . The expected salary after college has become the focal point of students ' decisions on what to take in college . In turn , the courses and degrees that do not guarantee high salaries are often over looked . In particular , as the article points out , service-oriented degrees , such as those leading to careers in teaching and social work , are often times not chosen . Also , students who once dreamt of exploring the world , satisfying their curiosities and as Papadomichelaki and Vance wrote , discovering a meaningful philosophy of life ' have set aside all of these for the simple reason that they need to concentrate on making money to pay off debts . This is because these service career paths and those courses that merely study the world do not have significant financial returns for...

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