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Hewlett-Packard, Inc. and ex-CEO Carly Fiorinas tenure

Running Head : ABBREVIATED TITLE OF YOUR CHOICE (all caps )HP CEO - Carly Fiorina

When Carly Fiorina joined HP as a CEO in 1998 , the company was seen by many as a waning dinosaur worth 50 billion because it had disappointed Wall street for almost nine quarters straight and had also neglected the internet revolution . But the time when she was fired in 2005 , the company was 11th largest company in America and had an annual dollar sales of 80 billion

In 2000 , under the leadership of Carly , the biggest merger in the

history of computer industry tool place when HP bought Compaq for 24 billion . First she wanted to buy the Price Water house Coopers but failed to pull off the deal . The company became more favorite then IBM and beat Dell in the run also when after the merger the company won a 10 year contract from Procter and Gamble to provide computer services (Takahashi , 2005 . Fiorina increased HP 's consumer base considerably and proved then the company was more than about printers . But the stocks fell down as the company was caught between the above two mentioned companies . In 2000 she also proposed to buy EDS which was rejected but in 2008 HP bided for EDS and yet again we see that Fiorina was on the right strategy . Fiorina came up with the Invent strategy and supported R D the most but the only thing HP could not do in her time was invent While she was against...

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