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Heroism in The Iliad and Oedipus the king


Iliad and Oedipus : Stories of Violence and Heroism





From the beginning of our heritage , violence and heroism became part of our society and culture . From the time of Napoleon until today when Spiderman became our hero in our fantasy and sometime real life Violence and heroism appear when there are heroes ' because it is like a process of cause and effect - whenever there is good , there is always evil . The story of Iliad and Oedipus is somehow similar and opposite

br depending on their attack to their problems and conflicts in their story . However , these two heroes ' brought a unique form of heroism approach that moulds different heroes ' today . Therefore , the purpose of this is not only to show the similarities and differences of Iliad and Oedipus but also applying those acts of heroism and violence to our present generation where there are still forms of aggression and bravery

The story of Oedipus the King is about a man named Oedipus who has a different destiny from the time he was born until his maturity and adulthood . Before Oedipus was born , it was prophesies that he will soon kill his father . That is why when Oedipus was born , his parents nailed his feet together and called him Oedipus , which means swollen-feet They left Oedipus alone and wanted him to die but a King adopted him and treated him as his own along with his wife . When Oedipus became a man he knew the prophecy and feared that he may do it to his adopted parents , so he went to a journey . While traveling , he encountered some travelers and killed one of them whom to be his real father . Afterwards when Oedipus will already sit on his throne , it was said that a mysterious plague should be removed and it will only be removed if the murderer of Laois will be found . After a long search , they have found out that Oedipus killed his own father whom he killed on his journey Because of this , he blinds his own eyes and he was exiled

The story of Iliad is about a man named Achilles who had so many burdens all throughout his journey in life . The battle between Achilles and his enemies ended through violence and crime . In this story , many have died and suffered just to save their community , their society as Gods and Goddesses . However , love for neighbor , friend , and family emerged in this epic as its story went through different chapter or books . The combat between the Acheans and the Torjans went through different situations where gods and goddesses also joined the fight to defend one another and their territories . Because this story is an epic superpowers were defined and described all throughout the narrative This epic also defined Achilles as a hero who does not want to refuse his fight just to defend his people . That is why when his friend Patroclus died , his anger and grief became...

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