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Henry Ford

Henry Ford is an important figure in American history as he embodies the American spirit of self reliance and the ingenuity which has helped to create in America , more inventions and inventors during the 20th century than any other country in the world . Ford grew from humble beginnings on a small farm in Michigan to possibly the most powerful and recognizable employer in America during the first quarter of the 20the century . Ford changed America forever as the implementation of the automobile , in large scales and at a price which millions of

Americans could now afford a new automobile of their own , people sough the freedom which the automobile promised to give its consumers . With the implementation of the assembly line and other forms which helped to utilizes the efficient production of the automobile , prices dropped and the pay of his workers rose to an unheard of 5 a 1914 and then 6 a day in 1924 . These prices , for its day , could not be rivaled anywhere in America for the American factory worker . Ford believed in practical terms . All of his cars were presented in the color black as it was the paint which dried faster . He believed that the workers , who made his cars , ought to be able to afford them . Ford saw the need of the American soldier during WWII and sought to produce more planes and engines than any other CEO of comparable talent . Ford saw the need for a hospital in Michigan , not just any hospital but one which still leads the state in important and life saving transplants of the lung , heart and kidneys Ford also recognized that those who were not given the same opportunities that were afforded to him , simply because of their race and color of their skin , as was the case with George Washington Carver supplied him with many of the important necessitates which Carver used to further his research . Ford recognized the need of the people as well as the genius of a select few and appreciated it . In this spirit , Henry Ford remains one of the most important figures in American history and in his spirit of self reliance , helps to propel the notion , that even with humble beginnings , in America , one can aspire to greatness

Henry Ford was born on July 30 , 1863 in a rural section of Michigan , only thirty minutes south of Detroit . He was passionate about watches and anything that required mechanical thought in which to understand its workings . One of the first examples of this was with the case of Albert Hutchings watch . Albert was a friend of Henry 's and he had a watch which no longer worked . Henry stayed up all night and some of the next day in to fully understand how that watch worked and before long , Ford had fixed the watch . This watch can still be viewed at the Henry Ford Museum as this watch instilled in him , a desire for machines and to better understands how...

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