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Heating and Lighting ; Apparatus; Customs and Usage in the Western Renaissance



Heating and lighting have been of major concern to human life . Heating and lighting are too much closely related such that they are inseparable . These phenomenon of heating and began as early as the time of creation . It is believed that sun was first object to bring illumination for the benefit of man . The processes of heating and lighting have undergone some dynamic changes from generation to another These transitions have been remarkable with the advancement of technology and economic ability to

invest in the research work . Due to the diversity of people 's ability and knowledge , heating and lighting has been done in quite different ways at different place . This varied from one community to another . The working of heating may be affected by customs and the culture of the community

Heating and lighting has been useful in to providing comfortable environment to the man 's life . The heating and lighting were found to be of paramount importance in providing safety to the mankind . Heating and lighting is thus an activity that is inevitable for the survival of man Heating and lighting were mainly accompanied by ventilation and therefore , they achieve their purpose by combining the three factors at once

Historically , man has enjoyed heating and lighting from the sun . The primitive man utilized this best kind of , natural heating and lighting in many places . However , sun being one of the best sources of heat and light , men thought and...

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