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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

The novella , Heart of Darkness , written by Joseph Conrad is about the interaction between European settlers and the black natives of Africa during the time of settlements by the Westerners over other countries including Africa . In this novella , Joseph Conrad made use of various symbolisms in to depict how these European settlers and the African natives mingled and interacted with each other . It was able to show the cruelty of these Europeans towards the locals , which includes forced labor and disrespect . Despite all these , those who were still in

br Europe were unaware of the wrong doings by their own people towards these African natives

An important element of the novella Heart of Darkness is the setting In this story , the setting was able to effectively depict the plot as well as highlight the different characters of the story . With every change of the setting , you could immediately expect a change in how things would go in the story . The changes in the setting directly influence the plot of the story . As a whole , Heart of Darkness ' setting is a native village in Africa which is inhabited by both African locals and Western settlers . The most common setting is that of a forest wherein the characters would travel by the river . Here , you would know that the story is going forward , as they went straight into searching for a certain person named Kurtz

The story would go on in an environmental setting , full of various elements found in nature . This is the normal setting for the rest of the story . Here , you could expect no significant happenings in the plot , as the story continues to move forward . There is little to know from about the story from this setting , as the main characters would just continue his search for the person known as Kurtz . The setting would continue to be like this , as they would go about their travels . This is until they meet various misfortunes along their trip , which would eventually lead to a significant change in the setting

Several changes in the setting which showed great importance were during their travels up Africa , when the main character witnessed brutality and maltreatment towards the African natives by the people from the Company , a trading concern which the main character is also involved with . The native inhabitants of the place were made to work for the Company forcibly . They were overworked and were all ill-treated by the agents of the Company . This is the ironic truth , because the European settlers were just the ones who invaded this vast expanse of majestic jungle and the real owners of these lands were the locals . This is the haunting truth behind these settlements , and the main character was able to witness all of these as he continues with his travel

Another setting which has made an impact in the novella surfaced when the main character arrived at the Central Station . There is an evident change in the setting , from travelling...

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