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Heart of Darkness: Opening Scene (Questions)

p Heart of Darkness : Opening Scene

Colonialism - this is application of a policy by a country to rule other nations and develops trade with these nations but for its won benefit

Allegory- this refers to the symbolic expression of a deeper meaning through a story

Frame Story - this refers to the background within which something takes place

Christopher Marlow - the main character in the scene

Yawl - a sailing vessel made to move fore and aft with a large mainmast and a smaller mizzenmast

Thames River - the main background of the


`The flood had made ' - this refers to the massive waters out of the river

The importance of setting the opening of the scene is that this act plays the introductory part of what the rest of the play

One unnamed character is the fourth person in the group who must be the narrator . I think he is not named since he plays an important role of bringing all the scenes to the audience hence he can not evade been noticed

Marlow is said to have sat cross-legged right aft leaning against the mizzen-mast . The sunken cheeks . He appears as a person who denies himself a lot . He is person who leads a very simple life

Marlow 's name is one that should signify a person who is not very alert someone illogical . The narrator describes Thames River as stretched interminable waterway . The empire building to him was a positive thing since he describes the city as the biggest and greatest town on earth ' Marlow describes it as a sea the color of lead ' a river with sand-banks , marshes , forests , savages - precious little to eat for a civilized man ' he looks at the empire building as a negative thing which must have made people die like flies of diseases

The narrators feels that Marlow does not talk much sense and his understanding was by far different from other people .and to him the meaning of an episode was not inside like a kernel but outside enveloping the tale which brought it out only as glow brings out a haze ' his remarks didn 't seem all surprising . It was just like Marlow

Figures of speech include .upon the sleepless river ' the river is said to be sleepless being looked at as a person or an animal that sleeps . Between us there was , the bond of the sea . A bond is an emotion between people or animals but it is brought out here as being present also between people and the sea

Two symbols of speech (a ) the resemblance of Marlow to an idol (b ) a brooding gloom and (c ) imperceptible fall

The conquerors justify themselves by getting strong out of the weakness of others and practicing robbery with violence basing it on color basis

The narrator says that Marlow 's story is inconclusive because no story he tells produces a clear-cut result , or has decisive proof of something . Memorable phrase followed the sea ' I figured out the picture of...

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