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Paper Topic:

Health and Religion


There were minimal disputes on the existence of the creator in the nineteenth century . Many people believed in the existence of a sovereign being . Very few arguments existed on whether or not it was important for society to be believe in sovereignty of the Almighty . As the twentieth century came in , many people embraced secularization which has become quite prevalent in the Western countries . This brought in many arguments as to whether God existed or not

Relationship between Various Religions and Health Care

According to research , when people have a

religiosity that is popular that is characterized with prayer and worship , and then this has high impacts on their physical health . Studies show that highly religious people show improved physical health . This is normally attainable when people follow strictly the moral dictates that are stipulated by religion (Bainbridge , 2005

This is for instance attainable when people believe that they were created by God for a purpose . Research shows that religious believes and practices have a strong indication on dysfunction and entire health in the society

This is according to research that was carried out in the year 2006 Sources of data show in the year 2005 Religion polls that were carried out by International Social Survey Program (ISSP ) involved approximately thirty nations . In this survey approximately twenty seven people were interviewed by researchers concerning this issue (Bruce , 2005 ) This study included countries like Holland , Germany and Netherlands . This study examined ardency in religiosity , attendance of religious services their frequency...

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