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Health and Development (life span)


Low Birth Weight and Preterm Infants : Health and Development (Name (University (Course /Subject (Professor (Date

Low Birth Weight and Preterm Infants : Health and Development

Low Birth Weight infants are those that weighs less than 2500 grams upon birth . These includes those who are preterm infants or those who arrived in normal term but are small for their gestational age or SGA infants Those who have low birth weight are consiudered to have a higher risk (and has higher rate ) of acquiring diseases which are commonly preventable through proper

vaccination upon birth . Preterm infants are considerably more vulnerable since they are fragile and their protective immunity is not yet fully developed . Generally , low birth weight infants requires special care and attention . They are at higher risk to develop hyperactivity and other learning disabilities . They are also prone to have attention deficit and several sleep disturbances according to Patricia Irwin Johnston (2008

Preterm infants are those which are born with less than 37 weeks of gestation period . Due to this fact their system are not yet fully functional and thus they are prone to develop several deficiencies and diseases . Also , their immune system and humural cells are not yet at its optimum and thus , they tend to react slower and may find it hard to do two or more things at a time unlike the normal baby

The diseases that low birth weight infants and preterm infants might acquire varies from Rspiratory Distress Syndrome , Necrotizing enterocolitis to Retinopathy of prematurity (as described in marchofdimes .com

In the onset of birth Low Birth Weight infants and Preterm infants may both experience one or a few of the following circumstances , poor ability to suck due to underdeveloped muscles , immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract leading to the inability to process milk and digest nutrients effectively , smaller stomach , other developmental delay like feeding difficulty and delay in the introduction of solid foods infections and liver malfunctions (Saari , 2003 . It is therefor advise that parents or caregivers of these infants undergo counselling with respect to the possibilities of further problems with regards to taking care of the infant . On of the feasible problems may arise on feeding the baby , due to the underdevelopment of premature infants and /or the weakness of the low birth weight infants , their ability to feed must be taken into special consideration and are open the several delays Breastfeeding and breast milk are the best way to help the infant grow and develop , aside from the fact that the milk is pure and nutrtious , it also contain the needed anibodies needed by the newborn to increase his /her immunity

Low Birth Weight and premature babaies also have special formula (milk which are reccomended for them to take . They are also in need of supplemental vitamins and mineral to further augment their growth . It is essential for parents to weigh and meassure the infant accurately to know possible problems and to determine the exact fluctuations or chages in their...

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