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Paper Topic:

Health Care/obama care




i . Thesis statement

ii . Background to the Problem

Benefits of the Obama Health Care Plan

Disadvantages of the Obama Health Care Plan

Rebuttal of Critics Claims


Restatement of Thesis Statement Introduction

From independence , America has been unable to establish some form of universal health care for its citizens . Various administrations have attempted to pass through legislation but partisan politics and concerns about taxation have thwarted such efforts . The Clinton administration tried to develop a blueprint for health care

reform but this attempt also failed . During his campaigns for presidency , Obama promised the electorate that his administration will prioritize the passage of legislation which would ensure over 47 million people get access to health care . With the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill , more people will afford medical care

Thesis statement

Although the Obama Healthcare Bill has some deficiencies , the benefits that will accrue to the vast majority of American citizens far outweigh any disadvantages that will emerge as a result of implementing the plan .Background to the problem

America`s health care system has become the most expensive in the world Despite incorporating public and private health insurance solutions to give the citizens insurance coverage , the cost of medical care has soared beyond the reach of many people . Initiatives like COBRA have failed to meet the health needs of employees in cases where company health plans have been terminated . For those opting for private health insurance , loss of a job may mean that...

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