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Health Care Reform Thesis

A 's scope (Findlaw , 2009

There is a third section also known as part C or Medicare advantage Under this plan , the program 's beneficiaries are allowed to use private insurance companies to receive their medical benefits . It is so designed so as to have extra benefits in comparison with the plan A or B . Of course , Medicare operation is much more complex than it has been described so far , but it nevertheless offers one a clue of how the schemes operates

Medicare reforms

With the passage of the healthcare

bill , the Medicare program is bound to undergo considerable reforms . Funding to some sections will be reduced or eliminated altogether , while some new areas will introduced or merged . It is worth noting that the plan has undergone continuous changes since its introduction in the mid 1960s and the changes visited upon it by the healthcare reform bill , although radical , can be considered to be part of the long running changes on it . Of importance is that each of the changes must take in to consideration equity and prevailing economic modalities

New budget

This is one of the hotspots that have been used to convince the elderly that their benefits are being reduced by the government by way of cutting funding to their healthcare plan . To be sure , there will be an aggregate reduction in the cost of benefits available under the Medicare scheme . The reduction is not particular to the Medicare program . Skewed apportioning of resources has led to the country having one of the least desirable healthcare systems in the developed world . For a correction to be realized there has to be a redistribution of the resources so that at the end of the day more people can be brought on board and the scope of basic health services...

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