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Health Care Delivery System Continuum

Health Care Delivery System Continuum


Now , more than ever , the health care delivery system faces a great challenge as it plays a crucial role in providing health services to all patients across all levels of health care . This is especially true in the contemporary society wherein rapid changes , brought about by technological advancement and cultural diversity , are seemingly apparent . In fact , ever since the mid 1980s , the U .S . health care system has been experiencing a constant change (Potter Perry , 2001 Moreover , the cost of health care has undeniably been

ascending , which somehow affects its accessibility and affordability to clients who are seeking health services . With this , a more active , more caring , and a more responsive health care system must be realized and must become evident to meet the demands of the rapidly-evolving field of health care . In regard to these facts , this aims to describe the health care delivery component 's role in providing services and how it contributes to or lacks contribution to the overall management of health care resources . Moreover , its role in transitioning patients from one level to another level of care in the health care continuum , with emphasis on long-term care , shall also be exemplified in the course of this . In addition , a discussion of relevant details , which include (1 ) services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care (2 how the entity contributes or does not contribute to the overall management of resources , and (3 ) future trends of health...

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