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Health Behavior Modification: Exercise

Resting HR , the more well-conditioned the body is (British Medical Journal , 2009

The exercise plan consisted of alternating physical activities every day starting 7 :30 a .m . for at least 30 minutes within a ten-day period . All of the exercises were done together with a friend of mine , Trevor , who agreed to be my partner . I applied the principle of reinforcement in to achieve my desired health behavior . Positive reinforcements considered were mainly in the long-term and in anticipation of future extrinsic and intrinsic rewards . Extrinsic rewards such as the physical

benefits of a healthy body - reduced stress levels , better appearance better performance at work and school , as well as lower risk for illness - were considered . Intrinsic rewards such as sense of accomplishment self-control and self-efficacy were also anticipated as motivating factors to pursue this project . To control my surroundings and negative stimuli , I put up fitness posters and motivational messages on my desktop to deter any negative cues from any member of my family . In to keep myself motivated and reminded of rewards of physical fitness , I studied several health journals online and reviewed news articles on the benefits of physical activity and exercise . The plan also a punishment for failure to perform the scheduled exercise for the day , which was to exercise for another 30 minutes for every day missed . In to evaluate progress , I developed a diary which highlighted the days , time , duration and type of exercises that were done . Outcome measures for this behavior modification plan were (a minutes spent exercising every day and (b ) resting heart rate every morning

Project Implementation Summary

Except for a single day , I was able to do all the required exercises as planned with a progressive number of minutes spent on the exercises within the ten-day timetable . On the...

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