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Why does Hamlet find avenging his father 's death so difficult ? Why doesn 't he take decisive action as soon as he seems convinced of Claudius guilt

It was difficult for Hamlet to avenge the death of his father because it was his uncle , King Claudius , who murdered King Hamlet . He wanted to prove that what he had found out from the ghost that was claimed to be his father 's was true

Being a prince , he cannot just do such a crime . That is why , in to justify his

plan to revenge , he needed more time to make a scheme that will mislead the people , especially King Claudius , that he was cooking something

Claudius urges Hamlet to leave behind his obstinate condolement ' and give up grieving for his dead father because it represents impious stubbornness (I . ii . 93-94 . Consider Claudius 's advice in this speech , is it sensible ? Why won 't Hamlet heed this advice

King Claudius did not take consideration of the fact that his brother was dead . He was even happier , especially because of his marriage to the Queen and having all the abundance of Denmark under his power

Claudius did not consider the feelings of his nephew who had lost a father . Hamlet did not deem King Claudius ' words because he was not only mourning for his father 's death , but also for witnessing her mother 's wedding to the new King . It was painful knowing that the Queen hastily took for granted her love for her dead husband , and thought only of herself

Are Polonius 's admonitions to Laertes and Ophelia good advice (I .iii .55-81 , 115-135 ? What does his advice suggest about life at court , given that he is the chief counselor to the king

It is but normal for a father to advice his son and daughter about life Polonius ' advice to Laertes before the latter leaves for France became too long for someone hurrying up to travel . His advice , though lengthy became words of guidance for Laertes until his final hour . He remained as a gentleman that his father wanted him to be . As for Ophelia , it did not seem to be an advice , but a degrading speech . He disregarded her daughter 's feelings , all for his sake

When the ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius murdered him , Hamlet cries out , O my prophetic soul (I .v .40 . Why ? What does the ghost demand of Hamlet

Hamlet cried out , O my prophetic soul ' because the ghost had confirmed Hamlet 's worst fear about the truth of his father 's death Discovering that it was his uncle who had taken away his father 's life was like a prophesy to his confused mind

The ghost summoned Hamlet to take revenge , and kill Claudius who had taken Denmark in great danger , but spare the Queen even though she dishonored her first marriage

What is known about the kind of person Hamlet was before his father 's death ? Does he have the stature of...

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