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Hamlet Themes: Parents and Children

However , since Gertrude and Claudius ' life are then already intertwined , a comparison between their relationships with their children is inevitable . Although Gertrude presents a considerably pleasant treatment towards Hamlet , Claudius on the hand appears to be in contrast with this seemingly positive relationship (Lieberman . This complex and interwoven relationships eventually created what readers may perceive as the roots of animosity and revenge in this tale . Hence , this can be considered as another distinct and intriguing Shakespearean artistry I depiction

As what can be observed in the abovementioned analysis , Shakespeare appears

to hold a particular penchant for unique and quite out-of-the-ordinary relationships between his character --- like prince Hamlet obeying the s of a ghost , and his mother marrying his own uncle who ed the assassination of his father . However , it is also important to note that the generation or era from where the context of this story was created also has to be considered . The historical context from where this tale was created is from the Elizabethan era in Denmark (McWhorter 4 . One of the most notable features of this era , as what can obviously be seen in people 's traditions and behaviors is the bond between parent and child . Basing it from the works that have been published during this generation , it can be noted that the Elizabethan society has a particular valuation for children 's respects for their parents . All children were actually obligated to follow their parents commands (10 . And this can be seen to be clearly depicted in this story . As it appears , prince Hamlet was bound to obey his father despite him being dead , as one factor which actually affected was a societal norm . Moreover , this can also be seen in one of Shakespeare 's other work , Othello (Goddard 69

Hence , after going through this...

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