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Hamlet and Faust

Hamlet doubts in the right of the events of global concern and that 's why his attitude towards religion is also doubtful . In his main monologue Hamlet supposes that death is a means of solving the problems of life . This thought doesn 't fit to the Christian ideas which had to be close for him

To my mind , the ideas of Faust ' are opposite to the ones of Hamlet . Goethe develops the plot of the tragedy with the help of such characters as God and Mephistopheles that demonstrates the authors persuasion that

people are ruled by the supernatural essences . The fact that Faust is working on New Testament 's translation also reveals the idea of constant interaction between people and God . Goethe thinks that serving to people and serving to God are equal virtues . The fact that Mephistopheles couldn 't win the agreement also confirms the religious idea of constant victory of good

The main characters of the world literature 's masterpieces Hamlet and Faust are compared with each other frequently . Their personalities are alike because both of them try to struggle with the world and challenge the destiny . Faust is going to know all the secrets of nature and his way to improve his own life and the whole world is scientific What about Hamlet , he broadens the tragedy of his family to a global scale that 's why his thoughts about injustice concern not only his uncle but the human 's life

The first of act of Hamlet reveals that the ghost of his father assigns Hamlet an ambiguous duty . What are these duties , and using the text effectively , explain the one you think Hamlet 's satisfied

In the first act Hamlet knows from the Ghost of his father that he was killed and the

Ghost asks him...

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