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HSBC Bank SWOT HSBC is one of the largest organizations providing a variety of banking and financial services all over the world . HSBC 's has got a global network of more than 10 ,000 branches /offices in about 83 countries and territories that are dispersed in Europe , the Asia-Pacific region , the Americas , the Middle East and Africa

A SWOT analysis , as the name implies , is an overview of the strengths weaknesses , opportunities threats of any organization . In case of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation , a brief SWOT analysis is as follows p


HSBC is having a continuous positive trend towards increasing revenues and after-tax profit . This has only been possible due to its enhanced customer relationship all over the world . They promote a corporate culture of achieving success in their organization . Success allows them to invest in new financial products and services for the customers . It enables them to pay more dividends hence benefiting and actually winning shareholders /investors fro long-term relationship . Their culture has contributed as a major strength towards their growth success


Along with the strengths , HSBC has got some weaknesses too . The major weakness that is evident to even a lay man 's eye is that they have a very little foot print and hence despite having operations in several countries , it has less exposure to the much larger and potentially profitable market which is there and already being exploited by other Banking Financial organizations , especially in Asian region


The HSBC has got a lot of opportunities in the South East Asian region especially in Pakistan , India and Bangladesh . Since India has been pacing up its economic growth and development at a positive rate and far much better rate , therefore HSBC has already started making preparations for increasing its foothold there . Recently HSBC announced the acquisition of 73 .21 holding in an Indian brokerage house IL FS Investment Limited


One threat that is continuously being faced by HSBC is the regular series of virus attacks on its system i .e . 10 on a daily average Another threat to HSBC is Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS ) which operates a multi-brand strategy as opposed to HSBC operating a single-brand strategy . This allows the company to appeal to many different segments of the market consequently taking away the share from HSBC in regions where it is confronted by RBS


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