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HRM- Emotional intelligence abilities and their relationships with team processes

Running Head : HRM- Emotional intelligence



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HRM- Emotional intelligence abilities and their relationships with team processes

What is the article by Clarke all about

The article by Clarke brings out the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI ) with teams and their respective behavioural actions as well as interpersonal team processes . To establish this relationship Clarke first argues that emotional intelligence is a critical factor in determining the actual performance of teams in an organization However , what

really is emotional intelligence ? Emotional is brought out in this article as the ability to perceive variant motions and integrate them to facilitate thoughts . Besides , it facilitates understanding and management of emotions in an individual and others

Clarke (2010 ) brings out the varied constructs which often tend to create rifts in emotional intelligence theoretical underpinnings . In total about five constructs interpersonal , intrapersonal , mood , stress management and adaptability were found to divert the classic view of emotional intelligence over the years . However , despite the differing constructs , individual traits such as self awareness and relation management among others came out as strong determinants of emotional intelligence application in team processes

At this point , Clarke appears to intrinsically evaluate the earlier posited definition of emotion intelligence . The definition that incorporates emotions perception , use in thinking , understanding , and in self as well as others management is considered to be very narrow as opposed to being holistic . He indicates that the definition takes a hierarchical model where considerations higher...

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