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HRD Article

Human Resource Department

Article Review

In the aspect of organizational management , the tasks of managing organizing and addressing the needs of the group relies upon the tasks and responsibilities of each department in its organization . Each of these departments handles particular aspect in the general concern of organizational management thus , bringing forth a significant contribution to the main concern of management . Through this particular segregation of management concern , the collective administration can effectively address and focus on the specific issues contributing to the successful operation of the group . In particular

to this aspect is the significance of the Human Resource Department to the organization wherein they exists as the link between the employee and worker population and the organizational administration

The human resource department manifest to be an important part of the organizational administration yet , this contribution can only be fully realize if much efforts and resource are likewise directed to its operation . In some organization , this department is often taken for granted wherein they only focus on their hiring process yet , they often negate the aspects of motivation , retention , and organizational development . As such , these departments operate inefficiently and ineffective towards their purpose of developing the organization and nurturing the employee-relations in their group . Indeed , through realizing the ideal purpose , significance and the contribution of the human resource department for the success of the organization , the management will be motivated to channel much efforts and resource towards the activity of this particular office

The human resource department particularly plays significant roles in the development of the organizational condition , employee-relations , and the motivation of the employee population . Among its common purposes is the concern of improving leadership inside the organization wherein they establish and organize effective hierarchy of command , conduct employee relation evaluation , and handles feedback and suggestion concerns for the development of the group . Another is the concern of informing the committee regarding the issues , conditions , and concerns of the work force population . Through becoming the link between the workers and employees and the management , the HR department must effectively communicate significant aspects and issues for the optimum efficiency and understanding between these two sides in the organization . In addition , the HR department also has the important responsibility of assessing the workforce towards achieving significant information for the purpose of management of the organization . Through this accurate information relay , the administration can develop effective policies projections , and budget allocation for the efficient operation and the development of the group . Indeed , with these important roles of the HR department , channeling significant resources and concern towards the development of this office can likewise enhance the organization . As such , it is likewise important to give sufficient concern towards the value and roles of the HR department as an important part of the organizational administration


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