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HR Questions

HRM Human Resource Management

The Human Resource of an organization is very important and must be developed . One of the ways of developing an organization 's Human Resource is through training . In fact , training is very crucial to an organization 's success . The employees of an organization are its most important asset and should be valued

Strategic training is concerned with long term , sustainable training that requires massive amounts of time and money . It has impacts far into the future and it takes a broader perspective of the environment in which

the business operates . Today , training involves learning and development of an individual to make him more adaptable to change

What factors might inhibit HRD managers from developing a strategic planning approach to training ? How might these factors be overcome

Training is an important aspect of Human Resource Development . Hence it must form a part of the strategic planning process . However , at times organizations do not given adequate weight to training . This can have long term negative consequences for the firm concerned (Werner , 2004

There are many factors that prevent training from being made a part of a company 's strategic planning process . In house training is cheaper than outsourced training , but on the whole , training is costly . Where resources are scarce , companies cannot afford to train their employees since they face problems in looking for ways to finance training programs . This is a greater problem for smaller companies . Hence , such companies can resort either to cheaper forms of training...

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