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Uncertainty and Apprehension : A Story of a Harrowing Experience

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Uncertainty and Apprehension : A Story of a Harrowing Experience

It was 1990 when I met them . I was going around my everyday routine having lunch by the river . Oh the view was great ! I never lost my appetite whenever I sat by that stretch of cerulean water in front of me . The leaves would sway with the rhythm of the wind and I could hear the water

flowing with it . It was my personal paradise .during lunch

Whenever I finish my lunch , usually composed of local pastries from the town 's bakeshop and my mom 's kolduny , I would walk back to my house . It was a long walk from the river but it was the only time I can think without any distractions . As I walk along this rocky path back to our town , thinking of what I should do next week , I bumped to this man

Oh , hello there ' He smiled at me and his eyes were roaming around the trees . He was holding a Polaroid camera , clicking the shutter button whenever he sees something that amazes him . I smiled back at him

Are you a local here ' He asked and suddenly snapped a picture of me I nodded and smiled back . It was the only thing I can do . Here he was , a foreigner , talking to me and ruining my everyday routine . It was okay...

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