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Since the inception of electronic mail , e-mailing has become a fast convenient , and free way for people to stay in touch with each other Traditional mail is now referred to as snail mail . Since e-mail is delivered almost as immediately as it is sent , it is often over traditional mail . However , some still enjoy the old fashioned hand-written letter from a friend or loved one delivered through the post office

The personal level , the thought involved , and the finality of the product are a few differences between handwritten

notes and e-mails


personal level or intimacy level

Handwritten letters take time to write and it takes a little effort to make handwriting or script legible

Handwritten letters can also add little embellishments of personal style , such as curly letters or smiles , hearts , and flowers dotting letters

In email , this all but impossible

amount of thought involved

handwritten note , if the writer changes his mind , he has to white out scratch out , erase , or try to fix his errors

E-mail can easily erase their error

Hand may have to start over altogether if they make errors therefore , they take more time to think about what they are writing

E-mail is so easy and has become so automatic to some , that it often involves very little thought or sentiment at all

finality of the words

Handwritten letters are often more heartfelt and well thought out they can be saved for generations

E-mails , with the generic quality that they possess , are often deleted after read

The writer of a handwritten letter may not even send the letter

E-mailers , on the other hand , are all too tempted with the send button


Many people do all of their correspondence electronically because it is fast , convenient , and free

however , nothing compares to the intimacy and gesture of a nice well though out handwritten note...

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