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Gun Control


Jamie S . Walker

It caused the death of Presidents Abraham Lincoln , HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /James_Garfield " \o "James Garfield " James Garfield , HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /William_McKinley \o "William McKinley " William McKinley , and HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /John_F ._Kennedy " \o "John F . Kennedy John F . Kennedy . It also put Martin Luther King Jr . into silence and so many other public figures who initiated a change in the society ADDIN EN .CITE Rushefsky2002116Rushefsky , Mark EPublic Policy in the United States : At the Dawn of

the Twenty-First CenturyCriminal Justice : To Ensure Domestic Tranquility (Chapter 7 2002M .E . Sharpe Inc (Rushefsky This also led many other ordinary people to serious injuries and even a horrific death - gun violence . This issue concerns about the country 's security , our community 's security , our family 's security and our own security

These events triggered the policy makers to address this problem regarding this issue - the gun control issue . As for now , the government had made steps on this . Some was found to be effective like that of Boston 's Operation ceasefire while on the other hand the buy back programs were not that effective ADDIN EN .CITE WikipediaWikipediaGun Violence in the United States2007February :50 , February 12 2007Wikipedia Foundation Incorporatedhttp /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Gun_violence_in_the_United_States (Wikipedia

Various groups including Non Government Organizations also see these problems and debates have been incurred . Among those sectors were the National Rifle Association of the United States , Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms , Coalition to Stop Gun Violence ADDIN EN .CITE WikipediaWikipediaGun Violence in the United States2007February :50 , February 12 2007Wikipedia Foundation Incorporatedhttp /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Gun_violence_in_the_United_States (Wikipedia ) and many other organizations . These organizations presented different claims or arguments regarding gun control

Gun Rights or Gun Control

The debate on gun ownership is mainly focused on the Second Amendment of the Constitution . This deals with the protection of the right of the people to keep and bear arms . Gun Control campaigners believe that the right of individual to bear a weapon does not extend to the level of having military-style firearms which they label as assault weapons . On the other hand , gun rights promoters , led by the American Rifle Association argued that the proposal was a violation to the constitutional rights of the people ADDIN EN .CITE OpenSecrets .org2004 4412OpenSecrets .orgGun Control vs . Gun rights2007February 18 June 10 2004http /www .opens ecrets .org /news /guns (OpenSecrets .org

According to the gun control supporters , yearly , more than two thousand people in the United States pass away from gun-related injuries . And most of them are young adolescents and children (Answers Corporation The claim was opposed again by the anti sectors serving the public some myths about this claim . Gun control promoters assert that gun shows are accountable in the fall of those weapons into the hands of the wrong persons , the criminals ADDIN EN .CITE McClurg2002556McClurg , Andrew J .Kopel , David B .Denning , Brannon br

.Gun control and gun rights : a reader...

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