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Group Behavior in Organizations

Running Head : Group Behavior in organizations






Many theories have been put forward by theorists to explain what constitutes communication . They view communication in four major perspectives . The mechanistic theory views communication as means of passing messages from sender to receiver . The psychological aspect moves further to consider the feelings and thoughts of the receiver upon receiving the message . The social aspect looks at the meanings to the messages by the communicators . Communication is thus the process by which information passes from a

sender to a recipient . It becomes effective when the message sent is received and understood and this is confirmed when feedback is sent back to the sender . Understanding the communication process is important since it helps identify hindrances and thus seek ways to remove them . A breakdown in the communication process is disastrous

Communication theories have been widely grouped into interpersonal communication , organizational , mass media , cultural , public relations health communication and so on (http /www .tcw .utwente .nl /theorieenoverzicht . Group and team theory of communication have also been studied to determine the best ways to form groups . The choice of communication model is driven by the target recipient . It is important for organizations to understand the dynamics of each form of communication which will enable them to send messages effectively

Communication being an integral part of human existence is the medium through which understanding is gained . In an organization , communication is important since it is the means by which people are able to work together to achieve common goals

Schermerhorn , Hunt , and Osborn (2005 ) defines a team as a formal group of people working together with an aim of achieving common goals . Teams are important in that , they improve performance in an organization , they enhance communication and they make an organization more competitive in that they draw from a wide range of talent . This looks at conflict resolution process in teams with an aim of analyzing how conflicts affect teams

Business organizations are constantly striving to achieve efficiency and effectiveness on the part of the work force . The numerous challenges organizations are faced with such as competitor activity and unfavorable business environment all play a very important role in determining the success of the organization . Of all resources an organization has in its disposal is perhaps as relevant and important to the success of the organization than the human resources

Human resources if managed well hold the key to the success of the organization . According to (Cranny , Smith Stone , 1992 ) human resources output is higher when the employee 's function as a team than it is the case when employees do not work as teams . A synergetic effect is what results when organizations embrace team spirit . However creating functional and efficient teams ' calls for expertise , tolerance and a lot of motivation on the part of the organization . Teams enable employees to exploit their potential and therefore increase job performance . A team consists of members with diverse experience , skills and qualification...

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