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Paper Topic:

“Green tourism is just a marketing ploy”

Europe , The Ashdene House , a five room guest house in the south of Edinburgh and the Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow , Scotland

Case 1 : Ashdene House

The Ashdene House is a five bedroom guest house on the south of Edinburgh . It was rewarded the Gold Award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme in 1998 for its dedication towards environmental sustenance . The guest house has worked towards energy and waste management in an eco-friendly manner . They considered the fact that less energy use will lead to less environmental damage and consequently reduction in

global warming . Waste recycling is actively pursued with waste being sorted into cardboard , glass , plastic and food . Moreover , energy saving devices and appliances are used to ensure that minimum energy is wasted

Moreover , the guest house also encourages guests to be environmentally friendly by using public transport or walking to the Edinburgh center To promote biodiversity of the local ecosystem , it has installed bird feeds and water equipment . The owners , Mr . and Mrs . Daulby are the masterminds behind this green initiative . They also use recycled material such as recycled toilet and consume organic products

The Daulby 's have made available an environmental pamphlet to keep the guests engaged in environmental protection . The pamphlet requests visitors to sort their rubbish in such a manner that recyclable material is put separately , the pamphlet encourages the use of public transport or walking instead of driving and lastly and most importantly it tells visitors that environmentally friendly activities must not only be engaged in when on holiday but also at home Case 2 : Radisson SAS Hotel

The Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow takes the environment very seriously In 2001 , it announced a Responsible Business Program which emphasized upon reducing the negative impact of the business on the natural environment

The hotel opened...

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