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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

Education is an important step towards self-improvement , as it provides additional opportunities in terms of spiritual and intellectual growth as well as career development . A Master 's degree prepares nurses for advanced practice roles , including the management and delivery of primary health care , case management , education and administration Growing specialization by physicians , the health system 's increasing demand for front-line primary care [ .] are spurring a global need for nurses with advanced practice skills (Glassick et al , 1997 ,

. 145 This means , the

specialties , associated with nursing , are not likely to become out-of-date , whereas there is a complex of problems prospective Masters encounter . Most of them are close-knit to the activation of social life and career progress , as the average age of the student is the main determinant of their need for self-actualization , not merely in education , but also at workplace an in family life (ibid

Three main challenges faced when completing graduate studies were working full-time , juggling family life and rearing two children and finally , caring for my disabled father . Nevertheless , it is possible to approach to these challenges from two viewpoints : positivist and negativist the first standpoint emphasizes the experience and skills which can be trained when dealing with the mentioned challenges , whereas the latter approach highlights purely the aspects of daily life and education the individual is deprived of . Due to the fact that I selected the first viewpoint , I decided to analyze these obstructions to successful completion of graduate study and develop corresponding strategies for success

First of all , full-time work can be regarded as a substantial challenge to studies , as both forms of activity are formal and strictly-organized so that they need maximal attention and , more importantly , attendance On the other hand , full-time work to great extent enhances the process o training , as it provides vital practice , the lack of which is experienced by a number of students . This means , full-time professional employment allows looking at the knowledge , provided by formal education , from inside (Homma , 1998 ) and critically evaluate it in terms of its relevance and actuality in the present day . In addition full-time work increases assertiveness and self-confidence as well as the brilliant opportunity to conduct a research at the workplace Although James suggests that especially during thesis writing process student from low socioeconomic background worked more , had more academic difficulties , and were less likely to pursue leadership positions with student organizations that their higher SES-peers (James , 1998 ,

br 99 , it needs to be noted that the fact of my own employment in fact determined the success of my graduation , as it provided information for my final study as well as advice and assistance of more skilled and experienced professionals

Another important strategy for success I utilized while combining learning and training with full-time employment was time management . In fact , I organized my own working schedule taking into consideration the requirements , related to my studies - at first , I needed to fix my daily plans on...

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