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Grades and Self-Esteem by Randy Moore

He is of the view that it should be instilled in the minds of the students that achievement comes after putting in a lot of hard work and is not just an entitlement acquired by everyone . It is these changes in the perception and beliefs of the students that will make them better skilled and more valuable to the U .S . workforce and society as a whole

The article is very meaningful and makes a lot of sense to me . It is apparent from the statistics provided in the article that standard of

br grading has gone down over the years and it has made it very difficult to distinguish the good students from the average , for example , if 80 of the students are given A or B grade then how is one to choose between the academic performance of these students . Besides , I completely agree with Randy Moore 's view on how this kind of grading system is putting both students and their parents in a fool 's paradise . If everyone is appreciated only for the sake of not hurting a person 's self-esteem then there is no way that individuals will be able to find out their unique capabilities and skills

It is further , evident from the international study of 13 year olds cited in the article that high self-esteem is not a substitute for a specific skill of capability when it comes to achieving success in practical life . It is only when one has the proper skills that the high self-esteem will enhance the performance of an individual . Therefore there must be a balance between both high self-esteem and the quality of skills or education a person possesses

I feel that it is all right not to put the students in primary stage of their education under the...

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