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Government Jobs

Government Jobs

Government jobs have increasingly been outsourced to private employers many of whom coming from far away abroad . The need of government jobs inside the country is not paid much attention to . Yet , the situation is to be solved in the nearest future to prevent the collapse take place Probably , a couple of government programmes are to be developed to stop the tendency the experience of different countries is to be taken into account as well

A recent study by Input Research found that the market for state and local

government information technology outsourcing will grow from 10 billion in 2003 to 23 billion in 2008 . The problem now , however , is that some state and local governments are not simply outsourcing jobs to contractors that employ American workers . Several government agencies have actually begun to outsource work to firms that utilize cheaper foreign labor

One of the most mystifying examples is Indiana . The state 's Department of Workforce Development is responsible for helping out-of-work Indiana citizens find jobs . Ironically , the department has awarded a 15 million contract to update its computers to the Bombay firm Tata . The project will provide employment to 65 workers coming from India on L-1 visas The reason given for the move was the millions in tax dollars it will save the taxpayers of Indiana

This is , of course , the worst kind of shortsighted thinking . New Jersey state Sen . Shirley Turner points out that outsourcing government jobs overseas ultimately results in higher costs to state and local governments and lost income tax revenue "If people don 't work they don 't pay taxes , and if people don 't pay taxes we can 't provide the services that we 're responsible for providing " the Democrat says

Keeping tax dollars in the U .S . will continue to be crucial as states struggle to repair their finances . The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that weak tax revenues will contribute to the state budgetary shortfalls that will persist through at least 2005 . According to the study , states will have additional combined annual budgetary gaps of more than 40 billion in 2005 , on top of the 78 billion already reported for 2004

Some state politicians have proposed legislation to stop government from outsourcing jobs to foreign workers and overseas labor markets . Six states have introduced bills that would require work on government contracts be performed by Americans

Turner , for instance , proposed legislation forbidding the outsourcing of government jobs after the company eFunds , which ran a Green Bay , Wis call center for New Jersey welfare recipients , moved the center to Bombay

She told me "These were jobs that welfare recipients easily could have done themselves . But we were sending the jobs out of the country , rather than employing our own

Fortunately Turner 's action created some tangible results as "eFunds decided they were going to move their call center not just back to this country , but to Camden , N .J , which is one of the poorer cities in our...

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