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Government Of Japan

Government of Japan

Government of Japan


The island nation of Japan , if nothing else , is a fascinating study in change , resilience and growth . From its ancient days as a major imperial force to the deprivations and destruction of World War II to its present role as a key player in world politics , Japan has truly come quite a long way . It is the government of Japan which is the focus of this through the discussion of several key subs surrounding the Japanese government , ultimately , a much better understanding of

Japanese politics will have been gained

Historical Background /Development of Japanese Government

Japan 's government is as closely linked to its history and culture as it is to anything else-a tradition which goes back thousands of years . According to ancient legend , Japan was first created by the sun goddesses in about 660 BC , who not only blessed the land on which Japan sits , but also created the first shoguns , or rulers of Japan a traditional belief which was held right up to the conclusion of World War II in 1945 (Kumagai , et al ,1996 , which as will be seen later , was a key pivotal point in Japan 's history and governmental direction

From the first written histories of the nation , Japan was ruled by a series of warlords , a tradition which continued until approcximately 1542 AD , which is approximately when the fits contact with the west began , as a Portuguese ship , in falling off its intended course , first splashed...

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