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Gordons 11 Functional Health Patterns

Gordon 's 11 Functional Health Patterns : Family Health Assessment

Introduction : Gordon 's 11 functional health patterns is an analytic framework based on types of functional health patterns . Although not linked to any of the nursing theoretical model , this serves as a framework adaptable to all models that can be used as a tool for nursing diagnosis for individuals , families , or communities , and it is based on the assumption that health and wellness is the result of harmony between the body and the environment . There are eleven patterns , and the nursing diagnosis is

based on the principle that for each of these patterns , the nurse assesses the patient and the family by organizing the patterns of behaviour and physiological responses that relate to a particular functional health category . In this framework , these assessment data are then compared with the family 's baseline physiologic findings and with cultural , social , and religious practices , dietary guidelines , and healthcare practices . The assessment of each of these 11 patterns actually represents the interaction of the patient or the family with the environment , and it has been termed as biophysical integration in the sense that no health patterns can be understood in a singular fashion without knowledge of the other associated patterns . Therefore in this framework , and evaluation of the family health patterns will assist the nurse in identifying functional and dysfunctional patterns , and these would help development of the nursing care plan for the family (Carpenito-Moyet , LJ , 2005a

This is essentially a framework of data collection focusing on the following 11 functional health patterns . These are Health Perception and /or Health Management Pattern , Nutritional and /or metabolic pattern Elimination Pattern , Activity /Exercise Pattern , Cognitive /Perceptual Pattern , Sleep /Rest Pattern , Self-Perception and Self-Concept Pattern Role /Relationship Pattern , Sexuality /Reproductive Pattern , Coping /Stress Tolerance Pattern , and Value /Belief Pattern . Naturally , information clustered from these patterns would divulge information about the client 's habitual pattern and any recent changes in those patterns to determine the physiologic or pathologic significance of such changes (Allender , JN , Spradley , BW , 2004


Family Pro : Family consists of my mother , who is a 56-year-old female and myself , a 25-year-old female with average normal health

Development of Open-ended Questionnaire

Health Perception /Health Management Pattern : How would you rate your present health in a scale 1 to 10 , 1 being the worst and 10 being the best ? How would you rate your health 5 years ago in the same scale ? Do you use tobacco , drugs , or alcohol ? Do you understand about your health condition ? Do you undergo health checkups , comply with medication regimen ? Do you have daily exercises

Nutritional /Metabolic Pattern : How would you rate your family 's dietary habits ? What is the pattern of food and fluid consumption according to need ? How would you rate your appetite ? Have you noted any recent changes in body weight , or skin , hair , and nail textures ? What are your height and weight ? Are you aware of the ideal body weight

Elimination : What are your frequencies of bowel movements...

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