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The Good Samaritan

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Steve SuttonProfessor Klemiuk Religion 112 C30 November 2007

The Good Samaritan : Assessing the Challenges of Christianity

In His parables , Jesus shows the people in His time the way to the truth and righteousness , in a perspective , which as some scholars would put it , eccentric ' and even scandalous (McCracken 1994 . In the Parable of the Good Samaritan , Jesus is questioned by a lawyer (meaning he is conversant in the laws of Moses , what he must do to inherit eternal life . Jesus , asserting the knowledge of the man , in turn

, tells him to do what is stated in the law . But the lawyer whom we can assume to be putting Jesus to at test in to humiliate or dishonor Him in front of His followers lest He teaches against the law , cites a follow up question "Who is my neighbor ' Jesus replies with the Parable of the Good Samaritan - a story which does not only give a perspective of how we should treat other people but also a view of the attitude of Jesus Christ

The time of Christ was the time Jews were waiting for their savior , the one who would restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem . A number of prophets have come prior to the coming of Jesus to teach the wisdom of God , so that when the real Messiah came , the Jews did not interpret His coming as the proper time , they did not see Him as their savior , or the one who would restore them . Restoring for the Jews could have also meant differently it could have meant giving them power over other tribes , or giving an end to their sorrows , sickness , and hunger

The lawyer in the parable questioned Jesus to test his knowledge of the law , and the depth of it . Learned men in Jesus ' time did this not really to seek for answers but a way to test Jesus . Jesus , in His replies can be commended for giving a safe answer by telling them in return to do what the law tells them See Luke 18 :20 , and when discontent with His reply , they throw other questions to Him , which He answers magnificently with parables

Jesus ' use of identities in the Parable of the Good Samaritan is very notable . He identified three men , one a priest , a Levite , and a Samaritan . This implies the universality of His teachings , which must be heeded whether one is of high or low rank . In the parable , He states that the man who is robbed is saved by the Samaritan . Scholars believe that this moral exemplar among first century Jews is so outrageous and offensive (Dodaro 1994 ) for it must have been scandalous to the Jews to be compared to a Samaritan , or much more to be asked to do what a Samaritan does . The image of the priest not helping the victim suggests the callousness and blind righteousness of the teachers of the law who only know the law but do not practice it . The second...

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