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On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond narrates the lives of three generations of the Thayer 's Ethel and Norma , Chelsea , and Billy . It is a family movie that begins with the aging couple : Ethel and Norman , retiring in the Golden Pond When Norman 's birthday arrived , Chelsea brought in her new boyfriend Bill and son Billy . Chelsea and Bill decided to tour Europe leaving Billy with Ethel and Norman , but anxious enough that Norman might pick on Billy , just like the way it was when she was of Billy 's age Ironically

, Billy and Norman became best buds , to Chelsea 's surprise when she and Bill came back from the tour . Chelsea was wondering that her relationship with her father is not that good compared to her father 's and her son 's . She yearned for that love but she admitted she is scared , and Ethel pointed out that Norman felt the same way too Just when exactly do you expect this friendship to begin , Ethel tells Chelsea (Drew 's . Eventually , Chelsea gathered enough courage to begin a fulfilling relationship with her father , surprising Norman by the news of her marriage to Bill in Brussels . Chelsea , Billy and Bill left Golden Pond leaving the two couple again on their own . Only then did Ethel and Norman realize time quickly passed by

Human development begins with oral sensory , muscular anal , locomotor and latency . It continues with adolescence , young adulthood , middle adulthood and maturity . On Golden Pond emphasizes only three (3 ) stages adolescence , young adulthood and maturity . This film becomes an object of study concerning the phases of human development and its relationship to human behavior and interaction

Ethel and Norman are an aging couple , way beyond middle-age . Norman was portrayed forgetful , moody , and fascinated with death and aging . Ethel was more subdued , very homely and warm , but was always reminiscing of the decades that have passed . Norman and Ethel are in their old age They experience a decline in physical performance , susceptibility to several diseases and mental disintegration that may occur . It is said that old people are often reflecting whether they have led an accomplished life or not . This the integrity vs . despair conflict of old age , indicated in Erik Erikson 's Theory of Human Development (Winters Take note that at the beginning of the film and at the end of it , the couple notices that the loons have grown old , a mark of noticing time fleeting

Chelsea , on the other hand , was the daughter who felt she was a failure for her father . She is a middle-aged woman looking forward to settling down and having her own family . This is categorized under young adulthood where love and ability to resolve problems predominate . This is a stage where personal commitments are ought to be successful , with which marriage was the answer for Chelsea 's case . She begins to patch missing things in her life and resolve one is her problematic relationship with her father Norman

And , Billy is the young...

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