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Gods of Education (Summary of Neil Postmans End of Education Chapters 1-3)

The End of Education

Chapter 1 - The Necessity of Gods


In this chapter , Neil Postman explores education in terms of how we consider how to school our children . He postulates that the physical considerations of who , what , when , where and how are not as critical as why . Those physical elements can vary and there is no proof as to which way is the right way . It is the reasons that matter more

Postman creates an extended metaphor , a metaphysical conceit that connects the notions of a god and all its

connotations of origin creation , myth , and prescription to the innate human need to create some kind of and purpose to existence , a meaning to life and for life . It follows that without meaning , life has no purpose and therefore learning has no purpose . What creates meaning in life is a narrative that explains it for us and tells us how to live . It is usually a god that provides that explanation . Postman takes great care to make clear that these gods ' that narrate need not be some familiar religious figure . He discusses science , technology , and politics . The god : can be any philosophy we cling to that provides meaning to life

The question then raised in this chapter is what are schools for (particularly American schools ? Postman traces the purpose of schools throughout American history . As America became the melting pot different cultural gods ' contributed to the American culture and history and added strength to the American Creed...

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