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Paper Topic:

Godfather Death, A&P compare the authors` use of plot, point of view and character development.

John Doe

Professor Smith

English 1302

25 July 2007

Comparison and Contrast

We have already read many short stories in the class . However , both A

br and Godfather death became significant to my understanding of what is literature not because it was required to study but because it took many details and strategies of the authors that helped me understand the meaning of literature and its creative and idealistic point of view Comparing and contrasting these two short stories will give us the realization that literature has not limitation

because as it continues to struggle , it will continue to rise without not pretensions and restrictions . A

and Godfather Death are different in both attacks and point of view because in A

, the story is in the hands of the narrator because what he saw and what he says will be the life of every scene and action of the story . On the other hand , the narrator was separated to the main characters of the story in Godfather Death . In this case , the main characters gave life to the story and not the narrator alone , which brought significance to its ideals and life

The setting of the story A

was in a place named A

, which has beaches and different stalls of foods and souvenirs . The story began with Sammy 's sets of observations and still ended with the same scenario - observing around . The author used some glances of supporting characters such as Sammy 's children and a bunch of customers inside and outside his stall but I can say that they just become Sammy 's instrument of observation and mind but not as the emerged ' Sammy . The author used this linear plot because I guess he attempted the further notice more characters and better scenarios - there were not through vicissitudes just a line

Based on what I have understood in the story the climax of it was when Sammy wanted to quit in the stall . Reading this part does not have any impact to me as a reader . This climax can be seen as one of the typical parts of the story . However , even if it ended up like this , the observations and constructions of words were still good and formal . I can see that it was an attempt of unleashing the true essence of manhood , humanity , and fatherhood . Nevertheless , because the author focused thoroughly on the characterization of the narrator , he ended up beating its own character

The Godfather Death used a genre for children . It was a lessoned short story for children , as we know the - Brothers Grimm . However even if the genre was for children , it was not as typical and as soft as the other stories are . The Brothers Grimm used more extensive and harder situation to show its readers the impact if life and death to our daily living . The authors also used fairytale situations like using Death as a character and the herb medicine to help the patients...

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