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Does God Exist?

Does God Exist

As human beings , we rely heavily on what we experience with our five sensory organs . We judge the world and reality based on the things we see , hear , feel , taste , and touch . Hence we gain a lot in our experience and interaction with and in the world . On the other hand , we process these sensory stimuli and collective experiences with our mind and reasoning . It could then be assumed that the two main sources of our knowledge and understanding of the world come from reason and experience


interpreted by reason and likewise reasoning affirmed or denied by experience accumulates questions and curiosity to truths or to the truth . Persistent questions that plagued mankind since so long ago still permeate our thoughts today . One of which is the question of existence and reality . Do I exist ? Does the world exist ? Does God exist Among these existential inquiries , perhaps the `easiest ' one to prove and believe in is the assertion of one 's self existence and perhaps the hardest one to prove , argue , and speculate about is the one pertaining to the divine being 's . The latter one will be explored in this

The 11th century philosopher St . Anselm of Canterbury in his Proslogion , tried to assert God 's existence using the so called ontological argument . The ontological argument uses reason or logic alone to assert God 's existence . St . Anselm proposed that we certainly could conceive of a being than which no greater can be conceived , and which exists (qt . in Oppy . And if this being that is greater than anything else above everything else , exists as an idea or a concept in our minds , it 's absolutely necessary for him to exist in reality as well since if he doesn 't he couldn 't possibly be the being which no greater can be conceived (Oppy

Yet another similar version of the ontological argument was explicated by the 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes . He claims that God 's proof is simply from the idea of a supremely perfect being (Oppy And just like Anselm , Descartes argues that it would be ridiculous to conceive of a supremely perfect being that doesn 't exist . If he lacks existence then he couldn 't possibly be the supreme perfect being . God being the supreme perfect being in itself asserts his existence

On the other hand , the 13th century philosopher St . Thomas Aquinas inferred God 's existence from experience or what is evident to our senses . For instance , his argument from motion asserted God 's existence by the fact that in the world of senses it is obvious that some things are in motion (Aquinas Ia q . 2 a . 3 . In this argument , Aquinas pointed out that for things in the world to move or to be in motion it must be put in motion by another (Aquinas Ia q . 2 a . 3 . But this moved by a mover which is subsequently moved by another certainly couldn 't go on to...

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