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My Goals for a Nursing Career

Although in the healthcare field the main reason that any professional seeks healthcare as a career is because of their aspiration to help people . I do feel as though this is an innate quality in myself the challenge to heal someone is a difficult yet rewarding task this however is not the only reason that I chose nursing as a career . I have a strong desire to provide succor to people but I also have the talent the innate ability (I say innate because this is a natural ability of mine ) to ensure

the proper care to a patient . It is a great calling to want to help people but for me it is not only a calling and a desire but I have the gift to be a great nurse

In lieu of desiring to be a nurse I have made volunteer commitments with SimplyHelp Inc . This is a federally registered non-profit organization with a mission to provide care to the world . As a volunteer I was a record management consultant . In this position of leadership I was not only in charge of regulating documents but I also provided an improved system to manage s which in turn increased proficiency . I also participated in labor tasks in the warehouse to prepare the donations and useful resources to the needy around the globe

My future functions as a nurse can be witnessed in my time spent helping the people around me . Albeit I have no direct background with Occupational Therapy , by attending this University I will be given the chance to hone my ability and natural quest of helping people . I have already been building a rapport with the people of my environment such as senior citizens , people with disabilities and everyday people I meet on the road . Although it may seem trite or clichy I love to help people in whatever capacity I am able to , and in whatever capacity I am needed

I have been around the healthcare professional vicariously through people in my family and my own experiences . What truly turned me on to this profession was a nurse at a hospital . I went to the emergency room when I was ten with a sprained wrist and received great care and empathy during my visit . This nurse was not an occupational therapist but she exhibited qualities in her attendance towards me that I would seek to emulate in my own career . It was this nurse who kept checking in on me to see what I needed , who gave me directions on how to care for my bandages , and who gave me a general feeling of comfort in a scary and alien environment who first introduced me to the healthcare profession It was with her that I saw my nascent career as a nurse

With this nurse I began to understand that the care of a patient is as important as the healing process and is in fact inseparable from it The relationship of the therapist and...

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