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Goal Statement (long and short term) in becoming a family nurse practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner

My name is (Insert your name here . I am now on my way towards reaching my goals in the field of Family Nurse Practice . I believe that when I become enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program of (Insert name of university here ) I will have the best learning experiences of my life

My short term goal is to finish the said program in time and become a certified family nurse practitioner . I am a very dedicated student who is willing to be taught and trained . I know that

this university has the capacity to provide students the best education they deserve . I also believe that mentors of this course have multifaceted knowledge that they will impart to students who wish to excel as a family nurse practitioner in the future . There are many resources and practical exposures offered by (insert schools name ) that will make me enjoy and learn at the same time . With this university 's wide academic school resources , my knowledge and skills would definitely be enhanced

A family nurse practitioner provides healthcare services in all aspects of a person 's health during the patient 's lifetime . After becoming a certified family nurse practitioner , I plan to apply what I have learned and take the necessary steps toward my long-term goals . One of my long-term goals is to serve and meet the healthcare needs of the families who will hire me . I will demonstrate every knowledge and skill that I gained from (insert school 's name ) by providing the best health assessments , direct care , and guidance to each family member

I know that this profession is above the conventional nursing practice in the hospital because it involves a more personal , if not intimate relation with the people served . Thus , when I become a certified family I will make sure that I will not treat them as regular patients but as persons who are dear to me in to give them a service from the heart

Serving families in the rural areas is another long-term goal that I will strive to attain . I would like to extend my expertise in the rural communities where hospitals and doctors are scarce . As part of my long-term goals , I also plan to serve a family with new born child . I love to take good care of infants , and I want to deliver comprehensive primary care to individuals from preconception through adulthood

After finding the goals I want to pursue in life , I am currently striving hard to achieve them . I know that with my qualities and skills I will be able to make these goals come true . I am an optimistic person who accepts problems as challenges that are vital for my growth as a person and as a nurse practitioner . I am also willing to take risks in the name of healthcare . With self-discipline , persistence , and hard work , I overcome any hurdle that I meet

I am looking forward to a brighter career in the field...

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