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Paper Topic:

Goal Statement

Running Head : A Family Nurse Practitioner






Basically , short term goals refer to those targets that have a short lifespan due to the dynamism of the target being aimed at , but all the same , people set so as to achieve a certain objectives . To become a certified family nurse practitioner , one of the most basic short term goals , is making the decision by oneself whether or not one really want to be a nurse . Although one may tinker with other 's advices and opinions

, the decision must have been first arrived at by the individual . Secondly , the decision to become a nurse must have sprung from the individual 's innermost desires , being concomitant to the person 's nature and personality

This involves taking to stock one 's talents , skills and interests

Making a decision on which training program one will opt for also comes into play . There are normally two major basic nursing programs involved namely , LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse ) and the RN (Registered Nurses programs . The latter RN programs are for the registered nurses who have undergone training as nurse practitioners . However , because things have changed with time , presently , this mode requires a Bachelor of Science in nursing which normally takes four years and a Masters Degree , which takes two years . Conversely , the LPN program requires one to begin as a nurse 's aid .After this the student is to convert to the RN program which will have then been condensed to two years . One is hereby supposed to be the nurse 's assistant for a year after which an exam will have to be done . Whichever option one will pursue , both programs seek to bequeath the student with basic assessment skills , basic patient care skills and a good acumen on pharmacology

One can also settle for a third option which is The Nurse Practitioner Program (NPP ) where unfortunately almost all the programs are being offered at the Masters level . This is because the program has been considered by nursing authorities such as Kathleen (2007 'advanced practice ' This program , in addition to the aims of RN and LPN programs emphasizes health focus , problem solving , and teaching managerial training and learning assessment skills

The need to plan for ones source of funding also comes in here . A person aspiring to be a family nurse practitioner must have planned for educational funding , for instance whether this will be through funding by the guardians , parents , loans , charitable organizations , or even health care based institutions . This is incumbent upon the student since studying nursing portends a lot of research work and practical

The long term goals on the other hand will encompass not planning but the actual act of going through successfully a nursing educational program . Focus , determination and hard work are prerequisites that one must keep abreast with if one does not want to just graduate , but to so do with honors . This is necessary since , owing to the competitiveness and dynamism of the present world market , tougher...

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