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Goal Setting with the Mentally Challenged Community

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Goal Setting with the Mentally Challenged Community


Mental retarded people can be judged on three basic measures , one is the I .Q . or intellectual functioning level of a personal is less then seventy to seventy-five , second is the existence of substantial limitations in two or more adaptive skill areas and the third one is that the individual confronts such condition from childhood . When we talk about adaptive skill areas , they are actually living skills needed to be a part

of the community . Such skills include communication , and social skills , home living and self-caring , academic activities adequate knowledge of health and safety issues , self-direction , work and other social activities . Individuals who are mentally ill or retarded often face difficulties in performing these jobs

In general , mentally retarded children reach such developmental milestones as walking and talking much later than children in the general population . Symptoms of mental retardation may appear at birth or later in childhood . The child 's age at onset depends on the suspected cause of the disability . Some cases of mild mental retardation are not diagnosed before the child enters preschool or kindergarten . These children typically have difficulties with social , communication , and functional academic skills . Children who have a neurological dis or illness such as encephalitis or meningitis may suddenly show signs of cognitive impairment and adaptive difficulties (Anne , 2003 ) Adaptive skills are measured in the typical environment of an individual across all expressions of his /her life . An individual having limits in intellectual functioning and has no limits in adaptive skill areas may not be considered as a mentally ill or diagnosed as mental retarded

Effects of Mental Retardation

We often observe such dis at earlier age mental dis can affect person 's senses or physical appearance . They may have problem in identifying normal things , picking objects or words often create much difficulties for such individuals . Their posture and the way they carry their body easily tell other persons that the particular individual is mentally retarded . The symptoms of mental retardation are usually evident by a child 's first or second year . In the case of Down syndrome which involves distinctive physical characteristics , a diagnosis can usually be made shortly after birth . Mentally retarded children lag behind their peers in developmental milestones such as sitting up smiling , walking , and talking (Mental Retardation , 2008 ) Aggressive behavior is one of the most common reasons which identifies that the persons has mental retardation or he /she is a psychiatrically case Parents can be effective elements in dealing with such behavioral aggression by communicating and teaching them to develop good behaviors of their children

Social Life

According to the census in 1990 there were six to seven and a half Million people had mental retardation in the United States . Mental retardation is twelve times more common than spastic paralysis and thirty times more predominant than neural tube defects , regardless of the lines of racial , social , economical , cultural and educational backgrounds . Mental retardation...

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