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Globalization of Records Management


Records are very important documents that are either in form of or electronic form . Any record that is kept by an organization of whichever type of organization is very useful . This is because it serves as an evidence of transactions which was performed by the organization . This means records management for any organization is much crucial both at the present time and for future reference . In records management , a firm would therefore determine what type of information it should keep as records and how it would sort them

so that it has active documents which become records and the methods it should use so that it can collect these documents so that they are stored as recorded form . Globalization of records management is thus one away in which it may be embraced in the today 's world . The world has gone through transitions from the traditional use of records which used to fill the offices of many organizations . The dawn of electronic system has made it possible to have information and records being easily kept in soft form . The advancement in technology whereby information has been transferred from one point of an organization to another has been of greats advantages to most firms . This includes healthy organization , manufacturing companies and even business corporations . Due to the economic costs considerations , many countries have introduced these advanced techniques of their records management through the use of internet means . This means that records and information have been send through the connection of computers systems from one company to another , or from Head Company to its branch companies . Generally , this means that globalization of records management is there mostly being applied by firms which are operating on large scales . This implies that most international and national corporation uses this methodology for their data recording (Cooper , 1992

The globalization of records management has been faced with a numbers of challenges like any other sort of globalizations process in the different fields . This is because globalization of records management is always connected to the acquisitions and dissemination of information Hence , there is always a requirement which needs the use of technology which is effective together with the employment of the essential knowledge of the technology . The fact that technology is always changing , many people who are in the management of records and information would therefore need to keep on learning to be updated according to the current technology changes . This poses threat to many organizations , as failure to this compliance means some of the Information needed by an organization may not be retrieved and retained adequately . At the same situation , the lack of the essential knowledge in the technical operations may lead to the access of organization records which are kept secret by the organization from unauthorized people . The process of globalizing records management in the developing countries is thus being retarded by the some other factors which are not limit to poverty level . This means that in such states...

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