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Paper Topic:

Globalization Exam 1

Chapter on Cultural Diversity leads us to conclude that

a . Globalization is diluting our cultural identities

b . The world is falling prey to Americanization

c . Once we allow major corporations into our markets there is no going back

d . Languages and Religion are eroding

e . Research has proven that global assimilation enhances local economies and does not dilute what most cultures deem important and valuable

Discussion questions (Each question carries 10 points

1 . It can be said that colonization exemplified the link between economies and politics , when at times trade

followed the flag and at others the flag followed trade , what benefit or detriment did colonization have on emerging countries once the colonial empire left

The colonization had the following impact on emerging countries once the colonial empire left

Impact on Self Concept and Individuality

When the British colonized the India , the native population of the country was forced to adopt their foreign traditions which had an effect on their own cultural values . The use of their language also became widespread which had an impact on undermining local languages . The effects of British colonization can be observed even today in the Asia 's subcontinent region , where they colonized , in terms of adoption of certain foreign practices . This is not evident in other cultures which remained free of such colonization

Impact on Administration , Decision Making and Structures

Generally the widespread impact of colonialism is indicative of the defects in the administration and command of that country . The government remains unsuccessful to raise or even to preserve the material heritage of colonialism . This then leads to the intrusion of aid relief while the government loses its ability to maintain an attachment with its people and to provide services . This then jeopardizes faith and confidence of the people in their government

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