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Global Warmin the Cause and Effect

Running head : Global warming







Global warming refers to the general rise of the mean global temperatures . In the recent years global temperatures have rose considerably . It arises as a result of increase of green house gases in the atmosphere . These green house gases allow the short wave radiations from the sun penetrate them , once they hit the earth 's surface they are transformed into long wave radiation also known as terrestrial radiation . The long wave radiation has long wave lengths which

make it to be less penetrative as compared to the original short wave radiation The terrestrial radiation is thus trapped by the green house gases . This therefore means that the earth receives more solar energy than it radiates back into space and this is basically what causes the increase in global temperatures (Faure , Gupta Nentjes , 2003

Ethical Issues in Global Warming

Global warming has increased significantly as a result of increase in emissions of these green house gases by the numerous industries allover the world . The green house gases include gases such as carbon dioxide and methane . They have the effect of acting like a blanket to the terrestrial radiation , thus maintaining it in the lower atmosphere where it causes increase in temperature . Their continued emissions mean that global warming will continue to be experienced (West , n . d

There is thus need for the policy makers to come up with policies that are aimed at mitigating the green house effects in the atmosphere...

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