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Given that we all experience our lives differently, can normative development exist?


Given That We All Experience Our Lives Differently , Can Normative Development Exist






The concept of normative development is strange and unique by any standard . There is a strong logic put forward by developmental psychologists that average or normal growth and development is defined by some observable milestones in every child . A milestone in this case is the chronological achievement of certain developmental stages Non-achievement or failure to attain some critical milestones would be construed as an indication

of abnormal development (Santrock , 2006 However , when the issue of development is considered much closely , all these assumptions would not stand . Probably we should ask ourselves what constitutes `normal . And what actually does it mean ? The fact that no two persons can ever demonstrate the same self should be enough challenge to the normative development concept . Or does it refer to the socially accepted traits only ? This paper will argue that under the circumstances of different life experiences the normative development does not exist and the bio-ecological theory of development would be used to illustrate this understanding . Furthermore , this paper will discuss the three elements that are observable in the development process two of which normative development lay a claim but can all be explained by the bioecological theory . First though , a review of the normative development and its preset would be presented to set the pace for this discussion . This would be followed by analysis of eating disorders as viewed by the bio-ecological...

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