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Give three examples of state organized crime.

State Organized Crime

According to William Chambliss , the president of the American Society of Criminology , acts considered illegal by the laws of governments or states but which their own officials commit in the performance of their jobs are called state-organized crimes . These acts are hidden from both the public and Congress . These secret operations are funded by criminal elements and approved by the state . They manage to skip all legal checks like accounting , customs and law enforcement for the reason of national security . Much is involved in these state-organized crimes like

recruitment of people to work on illegal and covert operations and the use force when necessary to ensure the success and most importantly the security of the activities . Assistance from experienced criminals comes not only in the form of funding but in the manner with which to conduct the sneaky business fast and successfully . Chambliss thinks that governments commit these crimes to advance their foreign policy Examples of these crimes are arms and drugs dealings , acts of terrorism and assassination plots

Mohammed Mossadegh was the prime minister of Iran when his government bought oil companies from their foreign owners and nationalized the oil industry of Iran . The US under President Eisenhower was against the complete independence of foreign heads of state , especially with regards to the oil supply and of which the US is the biggest consumer of . The US conspired to overthrow Mossadegh and replaced him with Shah Reza Pahlavi , who promised the US 50 control of its...

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