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Paper Topic:

Give a candid appraisal of yourself. Include some discussion of your strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but sometimes knowing them is actually tough or if we do know them , can we actually decipher them enough to know why we have that certain strength or weakness

My definitive strength is time management . The ability to arrange schedule , organize and budget my time for the best of productivity is what I enjoy and thrive on . In this it allows me to be able to accomplish more and in the end to have more free time for myself at the end of each day . My time management

also gives me a clearer picture of being able to plan ahead which in turn starts a cycle of being able to effectively manage my time , sometimes ahead of time . In this I am much farther along in the game of time than those who may take each day , day by day

My weakness however is impatience . This goes hand in hand with my ability for time management and it isn 't that I become impatient with myself but with others around me or situations when they arise . My impatience is akin to feeling panic and feeling rushed wondering if something will be done on time , if I will be late because of traffic of because of another person . This , if left unchecked then makes way for feelings of aggravation and frustration which tend to be hard to come away from for anyone . When I get to feeling impatient I ask myself a very impportant question which...

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