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General Adaptation Syndrome


Stress has been a common factor in an individual 's life . There can be many causes of stress in everyday life . Thus , it can be concluded that stress is almost part of our lives . Unrelieved stress can be witnessed and experienced through fatigue , concentration difficulty , irritability and also with sleeping difficulties . There is a syndrome that describes the body 's long-term and short term stress , it is called the General Adaptation Syndrome


General Adaptation Syndrome or GAS , according to Hans Selye , is a

syndrome that is general due to the fact that it is produced by agents that have an entire effect with regards to the body 's large portions . It is also named adaptive due to the truth that it stimulates defense Lastly , it is called a syndrome due to the fact that its manifestations are coordinated and partly reliable with each other

Psychologically , stress can affect a person in so many ways that it also leads to the stress of the body . When the mind succumbs to stress the body follows its lead


There are three stages that Dr . Hans Selye pointed out regarding the General Adaptation Syndrome . The first stage is Alarm Reaction . This is the rapid reaction with regards to a stressor . In stress ' starting phase , individuals display a fight ' or flight ' reaction that readies the body for a physical activity . But with the initial response it also has the potential to lower the the immune system 's effectiveness making people more prone to sickness when on this stage


Also named as the stage of adaptation , the resistance phase is when the stress continues and then the body adjusts to the exposing stessors There are many levels of changes that occur for the reduction of the stressor 's effect . During this stage , the body remains prepared for danger . A person 's immune system can become more susceptible sickness and be compromised if this stage of General Adaptation Syndrome is prolonged


During this phase , the stress on the body has become ongoing for some period . The resistance of the body to stress may reduce gradually or may also quickly collapse . At this stage , it is generally where the immune system of the body is much weaker and that your body 's capability to shun away from disease can be entirely ineffective . At this stage , the people who have been experiencing long-term stress can even result to terrible infection or can possibly experience heart attacks . Exposure to long stress can lead to a more negative and definitive effect on the body


Stress ' effects can be either physical or psychological in nature and it can also be both at the same time . There have been many options for treating stress and it normally takes one or two strategies of stress reduction . These strategies are avoiding stressors , changing your reaction to the specific stressors and getting rid of stress after reacting to the stressors . There are many...

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