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Gender Issues in Trifles written by Susan Glaspell

Gender Issues in Trifles written by Susan Glaspell


Susan Glaspell wrote at a time when the bs between the private and public spheres were starting to break down . No longer relegated to the home , but not yet acknowledged in the marketplace , women were trapped in a position of liminality , pinned between the customary female and male worlds by the expectations of both . Glaspell 's play Trifles falls among the various shades of gray in this crossing point of perceptions , not only for the reason of its context and content , but also

for the reason of the critical reaction to the play . Even though most criticism recognizes gender conflict in the undefined area between law and justice in Trifles , both the conflict and its consequences change form as every critic sees a various shape in the shadows . In to completely understand Trifles , it is significant to be familiar with the status of the women 's movement at the time the play was written and first produced . At that point in time , women have been looked down upon by men . They have been regarded as dumb ' and worst a form of property Being physically and emotionally mistreated by men , women in the early 1900 's resisted to break the mold created by society . Even with the pain of bearing children , raising them , responsibility of household and even farm chores , their hard work have never been in fact appreciated . In 1916 , the majority of women still did not have the right to vote Several states had approved women suffrage , but it was not until 1919 that the query was put to the federal government and not until August 26 , 1920 , that the 19th Amendment was authorized by the states Additionally , it was not until 1975 that the courts started to demand true juries of peers ' for women till then , in the majority of the states , merely women who firmly registered their eagerness to serve in juries were ever called . It was merely assumed that women would rather not ' serve as jurors for the reason of issues of delicacy or for the reason that they belonged at home . The majority of the women did not work outside the home and divorce was not an ordinary option . Married women had little legal rights . Hence , Trifles is an obviously political play , confronting the seldom-discussed part of women 's rights concerning to a patriarchal justice system

Trifles explores the traditional male stereotype of women by stating that women often worry regarding matters of little , or no significance This stereotype makes the assumption that only males are worried with significant issues , issues that females would never talk about or confront . The characters spend the whole of the play looking for clues to solve a murder case . Ironically , the female characters , Mrs . Peters and Mrs . Hale , expose crucial evidence and unravel the murder case , not the male characters . The men in the play , the Sheriff , County Attorney and Hale , explore the scene of the crime for evidence...

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