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Gay marriage social suicide` by Colson





Gay Marriage : Social Suicide

Charles Colson , in his essay entitled Societal Suicide , states that allowing same-sex marriage is like committing social suicide . He began the essay by revealing the fact that same sex marriage is now being legalized in Massachusetts and consequently results in the lawless mockery of officials in New York , Oregon and New Mexico against the state constitutions and laws . In a tone that entreats , Colson calls for disagreement on the issue and supports the statement of President Bush for the enactment

of Federal Marriage Amendment for indeed , the legalization of same-sex marriage will affect the whole American people Colson reminds the reader of the importance of heterosexual marriage using highly authoritative vocabulary when describing it as the fundamental institution of civilization ' and the traditional building block of human society (Colson 2004 . He further affirms his belief that marriage is designed for procreation and the proper rearing of children and that same sex-marriage will only lead to family breakdowns causing many out-of wedlock births which directly results to increase crimes . To give a strong support for his argument , Colson provides in the succeeding paragraphs a comparison and contrasts of what transpires when fathers are no longer present in the home . According to him , the absence of father in the home results for boys to be twice more likely to commit crimes and drop out of high school , for teenage girls to become five times more likely to become mothers in their teen years , and...

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